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Be ready when opportunity knocks. Power To Be collaborates with college students, recent graduates, and young professionals to create effective and efficient strategies for networking, resume building, and interview preparation. We help you identify your unique interests and talents to set you in a positive direction to communicate your value to others. One–to–one consult ranges from a 30–minute Q & A to a multi–series coaching package. Coaching sessions may include focus on one or more of the following areas: 

- Building a Social & Business Network
- LinkedIN Profile Development
- Internship & Job Search Strategies
- Interview Preparation
- Resume Development

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Kris Cichowski, CEO
(847) 951.3365


Kristine Cichowski is a fantastic coach and mentor for individuals looking to better their careers. I graduated from college 2 years ago and felt lost applying to and interviewing for jobs. Kris used her education, as well as experience, to coach me up and make me feel confident and comfortable when I interview, I am seeing the results first hand. She helped me with everything from making my resume more professional to showing me proper nonverbal communication techniques. I truly recommend her to anyone who is looking to update their professional information. She meets with you and evaluates everything about your professional situation and enhances your profile. I wish I would have known about her while I was in college because I can confidently say I would have been hired out of school with her mentoring. I would highly recommend Kristine to any college students that are having trouble finding a job out of school or even in school to help them get a jump start on their career before graduation. Overall, it was a completely positive experience for me because she was so helpful, so available, and so proactive. You can absolutely tell that Kristine cares about the people she is helping and genuinely wants the best for them.

Thank you so much Kristine!
Louie Irsuto

P.S. The interview went amazing and it’s because of all the great stuff I learned from you!


The biggest challenge I faced before meeting with Kristine was organizing my thoughts in a concise and professional manner. I knew what my medical school application had to include, I just didn’t know how to convey it effectively. One breakthrough I had was realizing how to narrow my thoughts down into one or two sentences. I was able to better zero-in on the information necessary for each of my resume activities. I also realized how narrowing down my thoughts itself was a way for the admissions committee to assess my competency. Now, I have an organized document with all of my college activities that I will use for medical school applications. I also will be better able to write my personal statements and supplemental applications, since I have to demonstrate who I am as an individual. I can track my activities, hours, and references and better understand how to network effectively.

Thank you!
Noelle Wojciechowski