Family Care Partner Empowerment

Power To Reassure

Balancing responsibilities at work and home can be challenging when you care for an elderly parent or someone with a disability or chronic illness. Family Care Partner empowerment programs support both short and long-term care partners and provide practical strategies to relieve stress, increase productivity, and enhance work-life integration.

• Identify resources to support your loved one’s needs
• Create a proactive plan to handle unexpected situations so you can stay accountable at work
• Increase focus and ability to set priorities
• Improve relationships both on and off the job
• Enhance work-life integration
• Stay connected to others and involved in activities both you and your loved one enjoy

Family Care Partner Empowerment Topics
• Plan for Your Care or the Care of a Loved One
• Ensuring Successful Transitions & Continuity of Care
• Strategies for Successful Outings and Life Enrichment
• Expand Your Resource Network to Maintain Wellness

Planning for Your Care or the Care of a Loved One

Power To Plan Ahead

This session provides a broad overview of topics and resources involved in providing care for an aging parent or person with a physical disability or chronic illness.More Info

Ensuring Successful Transitions & Continuity of Care

Power To Organize

This session provides an overview of information that supports care partner communication with healthcare providers and other members of the family support team with strategies and resources to help retrieve and organization information in an efficient way.More Info

Hassle-Free Outings - Daily Life Enrichment

Power To Enjoy

This session shows you how to plan and anticipate needs for someone with mobility, communication, cognitive/memory, or sensory challenges so that you can experience a hassle-free and enjoyable outing. Learn about indoor and outdoor adaptive recreation activities so you understand how to make the most of your free-timeMore Info

Expanding Your Resource Network and Maintaining Healthy Well-Being

Power To Grow

This session discusses ways to develop new friendships and expand social connections so you can have greater access to people, places, and resources that can help you in day to day care along with ways to stay healthy and happy. More Info

ReDiscover You!

Power of You

Despite the challenge of changes in health or shifts in life roles, there are opportunities to strengthen your personal identity and lead a fulfilling life. Rediscover your interests and passions in life. Learn how to reconnect with old friends, create new friendships, and stay on course with your life purpose.More Info

Author Interview: Kris Cichowski

Using a Montessori Approach to Enhance Quality of Life

Enjoy a thought-provoking interview with author Kris Cichowski as she highlights ideas and strategies from her book “Living With Dementia Doesn’t Mean You Stop Living.” Discover ways to enhance quality of life for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias.More Info