Leadership Development

Power To Excel

Employees and students of all abilities share similar ambitions -- to excel and succeed in their personal and professional aspirations. Give them the chance to expand skills and knowledge with practical support for leadership development. Expand their effectiveness in working with others and their capacity to advance in your organization.

• Increase personal presence and skill in communicating and interacting with others
• Understand the importance of goal setting and its impact on future success
• Develop strategies to manage conflict and build positive relationships
• Develop strategies to expand social and/or business networks
• Increase participation in community outreach activities

• Personal Presence, Communication, & Goal Setting
• Managing Conflict & Building Relationships
• Expanding Social and Business Networks

Self-Awareness, Communication, and Goal Setting

Power to Communicate

Participants will learn how to assess their personal style and communication and develop strategies to enhance first impressions, project maturity, and build trust. This session also emphasizes the importance of goal setting with strategies to support goal achievement.More Info

Managing Conflict and Building Relationships

Power to Relate

Working collectively and effectively requires listening with ability to see things from others points of view. This session provides strategies to maintain respective and objective communication during stressful situations.More Info

Expanding Social and Business Networks

Power to Grow

The term “networking” conjures a variety of emotions. Be confident in your ability to connect and learn from others. Understand how to identify people, places, and resources that support your ambitions. This session discusses the do’s and don’ts of networking. Learn how to effectively leverage your involvement in community service and/or extracurricular activities to expand your communities of support.More Info