Alzheimer’s Disease & other related Dementia’s

Power To Care

Caring for a person with Alzheimer's Disease and other related dementia's requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. This interactive seminar series expands your ability to provide compassionate and effective person–centered care. The training program also incorporates use of Montessori principles to support care for persons living with dementia.

• Understand dementia, associated behaviors, and fundamentals of dementia care.
• Effectively communicate with individuals with dementia.
• Assist individuals with dementia in performing ADL's (activities of daily living)
• Develop strategies to address challenging behaviors.
• Understand the use of Montessori principles to engage in activities that support quality of life.
• Ensure a safe environment of care.

Understanding Dementia, Associated Behaviors, and Fundamentals of Dementia Care

Power To Understand

This program provides a broad overview of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementia to enhance your ability in addressing changes that occur at various stages of dementia and increase your understanding of common behaviors and interventions. More Info

Effective Communication and Strategies for Challenging Behaviors Associated with Dementia

Power to Communicate

This program provides practical strategies for interpersonal communications and support of ADL’s (activities of daily living). Gain greater understanding of challenging behaviors associated with dementia with strategies to accommodate individual needs. More Info

Strategies to Support Continuity of Care and Transition Planning in Memory Care

Power To Plan Ahead

This program expands knowledge and effective communication with healthcare providers and members of your support team to ensure continuity of care. Identify strategies to gather and access key information to effectively advocate for your loved one when unexpected change occurs.More Info

Using a Montessori Approach to Enhance Quality of Life

Power To Engage

This program helps you understand the relevance and impact of using Montessori principles in dementia care. Learn how to apply these principles to ensure a safe and effective environment of care.More Info

Applications of Montessori Principles in Memory Care

Power To Include

This program helps you apply Montessori principles at home and in community-based programs. Learn how to visually organize and create engaged environments of care. Develop practical strategies to enable inclusion, reinforce life purpose, and enhance quality of life.More Info

Putting It All Together - Summary of Key Points in Dementia Care

This program summarizes key points addressed in a six-part series on dementia care. Expand your ability to lead by example. Help others understand and demonstrate person-centered care, inclusion, and engagement for person with dementia. Enhance your ability to communicate and interact with dignity, compassion, and respect. More Info