Valuing Differences

Power To Include

Being accepted and respected motivates people of all abilities to share ideas, participate in activities, and pursue their life purpose. The Valuing Differences program helps participants dispel bias, myths, and misconceptions about disability. This interactive program helps your staff, students, or group members increase their comfort and skill when communicating and engaging with persons of all abilities.

Put a plan in place to enhance and sustain your company’s success in creating a diverse and inclusive culture.

• Develop a welcoming work, school, or community environment
• Speak respectfully to persons with disabilities using Person First language
• Know how to provide assistance for persons with mobility, cognitive/memory, and sensory challenges
• Understand universal signage and how to provide accommodations in programs, events, and meetings
• Identify resources to support disability inclusion and participation

Disability Inclusion - Sensitivity Training

Power to Engage

This session discusses ways to ensure your compliance with the ADA and increase your comfort and skill in communicating respectfully to people with disabilities. Strategies on how ways to ensure that your employees, volunteers, and students with disabilities are included in programs, meetings, and activities are also discussed.More Info